Slow Stream

Winner 2019: Dune Laboile, France

"Freunde sind für einen da" (Friends are there for each other)

Winner 2017: Lina Momsen / photo group LIRALE, Germany


Winner 2018: Kaja Tasevska, Macedonia


Marcella Athayde

Flight of the soul

Winner 2020: Anastasiya Bolshakova, Russia

Lap of Peace

Winner 2021: Aadhyaa Aravind Shankar, India


Children's Peace Image of the Year 2022: Zoya Yeadon, Mauritius

The Children’s Peace Image of the Year

What does peace look like?

Show us your pictures of peace – your views on happy life. There is an award for the best pictures, which will be shown worldwide.

Take part!

You can submit your photos online until 21 May 2023. You decide how many photos to submit. You can submit individual photographs or a series of up to 20 images.

Final extended deadline: 4 June 2023!

Sign up now:

Your age

You can take part if you are 14 years or younger.

You are 15 years or older? Then enter your pictures to the main section of the Global Peace Photo Award.

Your ideas

What does peace look like? This is a very special question. Everybody has their own ideas about it. Make your positive attitude visible in your pictures. We would love to see how you imagine peaceful life. Share with us your views on a mindful way of living with your friends and family, show us how you connect emotionally with nature.

The prize

The best peace photo of the year – The Children’s Peace Image of the Year – wins 1000 euros. The winner and his or her parents are invited to the award ceremony in Vienna on 19 September 2023. If a photo group wins, one member of the group and his or her parents are invited to the ceremony. But all photos in the top 20 will be shown.

Image rights

By taking part in the photo competition, I/we confirm that my/our child is the author of the submitted photographs and that the individuals shown in the photos have agreed to a public presentation.

By taking part the participant and/or its legal representative grant the organizer the right to publicly present the submitted photos in connection with the photo competition. In using the photo(s) the organizer will name the participant and the competition. The right of use is unlimited in terms of time, space and medium. If chosen, the participant will supply the image files in top quality.

The use of the photos by the organizer is non-exclusive and non-commercial. This means that the participant may continue to use the photos and that the organizer does not pursue any commercial aims with the submitted photos.

See Terms and conditions / FAQ for all the details.

The organizer of The Children’s Peace Image of the Year is the Global Peace Photo Award. The award is supported in Germany by Deutsches Kinder- und Jugendfilmzentrum and its German Youth Photo Award (Deutscher Jugendfotopreis).

The honorary chair for The Children’s Peace Image of the Year is human rights activist Waris Dirie.

The Children’s Peace Image of the Year is sponsored by Vienna Insurance Group