What does peace look like?

Münster, Germany
9 May, 2018 - 13 May, 2018
Domplatz Münster
Während des 101. Deutschen Katholikentags in Münster. Credit: katholikentag.de / Fabian Weiss

The 14 images of the Alfred Fried Photography Award 2016 were selected and shown at the 101st German Catholic Convention. The exhibition drew a large audience and many positive reactions.

Thanks to the photographers:

  • Altaf Qadri: School fort he less fortunate
  • Boris Register: Eclipse Time
  • Leyla Emekta: Peace and Tranquility
  • Qinghua Wang: Happy childhood
  • Altaf Qadri: Recycled love
  • Eugenio Grosso: A forgotton war
  • Froi Rivera: Peace with the environment
  • Jan Gott: Peace, what is it?
  • Thomas Victor: We make them laugh
  • Darian Weiss: The children of Clausmoorhof
  • Chris de Bode: I have a dream
  • Sebastian Wahlhuetter: Rainbow of peace
  • Antonio Aragon Renuncio: Somba
  • Kiki Streitberger: Travelling light (Ahmad)

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