Global Peace Photo Award – Call for Entries

Alfred Fried Photography Award has been present internationally since 2013 and has attracted submissions from more than 120 countries every year. In honouring the award’s worldwide recognition and your photographic efforts to document the peaceful side of life, we decided to change its name to

Global Peace Photo Award

Inspired by 1911 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Alfred Fried and Tobias Asser

The new name indicates why we have chosen Alfred Fried’s name and puts his memory into a much wider context understandable for everyone. We are sure the new name will honour Alfred Fried’s life and his struggle for peace. And finally, the new name will highlight the fact that Tobias Asser was jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1911 with Alfred Fried for his efforts to establish the Hague Conference.

Call for Entries

Send us your entry before 24 May 2020 and show us: What does peace look like?

The Global Peace Photo Award will be held in partnership with the World Press Photo Foundation. This means very close cooperation in every detail of our award architecture and high level dissemination. 

Entry is free of charge.
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The Peace Image of the Year will be honored with a cash price of € 10,000.
It will be shown for one year in the Austrian Parliament and will be included in the permanent art collection of the Austrian Parliament.

The five best works of the Global Peace Photo Award and the winner of the Children’s Peace Image of the Year will be honoured with the Alfred Fried Peace Medal, the photographers will be invited to attend the award ceremony in Vienna on 17 September 2020, with travel expenses and accommodation paid.

We also call for entries to the Children’s Peace Image of the Year.
Take part if you are 14 years or younger!
The honorary chair for the Children’s Peace Image of the Year is Waris Dirie, a committed human rights activist. The Award is supported by the German Youth Photography Award.

The Children’s Peace Image of the Year will be honored with a cash price of € 1,000 sponsored by Vienna Insurance Group. The winner and his or her parents are invited to the award ceremony in Vienna. If a photo group wins, one member of the group and his or her parents are invited to the ceremony with travel expenses and accommodation paid.

A great opportunity for any photographer to gain worldwide attention
Works of the Alfred Fried Photography Award have been exhibited at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, at the Geneva Peace Week, at the Forum Austriaco di Cultura in Rome and the Maison du Jeune Citoyen at Schilitgheim, also the shortlisted images, plus 320 other remarkable works, have been put together in a 50 minute animation, shown 7 times a day on the DIGI-WALL at Vienna’s main railway station, which can be seen by 18.000 travellers a day. The winners of the Alfred Fried Photography Award 2019 are currently shown on 100 m² big large format billboards, along the so called Südost-Tangente in Vienna where 180,000 cars pass by per day.

This and many other activities are also planned around the 2020 award.

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Kind regards,
Lois Lammerhuber
Global Peace Photo Award

The Global Peace Photo Award is organized by Edition Lammerhuber in partnership with Photographische Gesellschaft (PHG), UNESCO, Austrian Parliament, Austrian Parliamentary Reporting Association, International Press Institute (IPI), German Youth Photography Award and the World Press Photo Foundation.

The Global Peace Photo Award is supported by GEWISTA, Megaboard, Vienna Insurance Group, Fleming’s Hotels Vienna, Alte Spinnerei, Cyberlab, FOTO objektiv and Edition Lammerhuber

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