The Island Of Weddings

Dmitrij Leltschuk, Germany

On the Danish island of Ærø people get married in droves. Not only because the Island is so romantic, but also because Denmark is the last hope for some.

When Danish Island Weddings was founded in 2008, about 200 couples per year got married on Ærø. Today it is over 4000 – at only 6200 inhabitants. The couples come from all over the world.

Most marry on Ærø for a profane reason: the Danish authorities make it much easier for them than in many of their native countries. Sometimes an Ærø bride and groom have different nationalities, live in a third country and want to move to a fourth country after the wedding. The Danish registry office requires far fewer documents than other countries and is satisfied with a valid passport and a marriage declaration completed by the couple. For some homosexual couples from Arabia, Russia or China, Ærø is often the only way to get married.

Whereas the islanders used to live mainly from fishing, trade and agriculture, many now have a share in the wedding business.

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