Yuri Pritisk, Russia

The World Wildlife Fund has repeatedly stated that compared with 1970, 66% or 2/3 of wild animals of the planet could disappear by 2020. However, since 1960, the number of people on the planet has doubled to 7.4 billion. In the entire history of the planet Earth, there were five waves of mass extinction of animals. Today‘s wave, the sixth, is not caused by a sharp cooling or falling of a meteorite, but by human activity, its insatiable desire to satisfy ever-increasing needs.

Over millions of years of evolution, having survived all natural disasters on the planet, many living beings have settled. But, for a negligible period of human development of new territories, the actions of civilization led to a change in habitat and the disappearance of whole species.

On planet Earth animals, birds, fish have ceased to exist. Over the past 500 years, 844 species of representatives of the fauna and about 1000 species of flora have disappeared forever. The extinct species are recorded in the “Black List” on the first pages of the “Red Book”. The remains of some animals survived. The discovery of DNA and the development of genetic engineering give humanity the hope of correcting their mistakes and recreating species through cloning.

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