Sacred Nature

Holly Wilmeth, USA

This project contains over 65 images that portray the deep connection between the nature surrounding us and our human nature. The images serve as an invitation to awaken to a place of sacred sanctuary. The harmony of the natural world is available to us in our own backyard through the powerful healing energy of traditional plant wisdom.

I didn‘t go out of my way to discover or come across any of the plants, trees, and flowers in this project. On the contrary, all of them are very common and can be found in our gardens, on walks, on the side of roads, in empty lots. I began photographing in the Mexican desert and then in tropical climates and then moved to more forested northern climates. It‘s a project that I‘ve photographed for a year and a half in the places I visited almost like a simple seasoning cabinet. My hope is that the images can serve as a reminder that the magic and meaning of our lives can be found in the smallest of things: the sacred dance of nature.

The project was birthed out of a curiosity and desire to teach my son about the plant life he was seeing all around him, and from his curiosity came a gift for me to share with others.

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