The Young Revolutionaries

Ananeya Abebe, USA

This project is a collection of photographs from the March of Our Lives protest in Washington, DC on March 2018. The sequence of the images corresponds to an accompanying poem.

The Young Revolutionaries by Ananeya Abebe:
Our unjust society has created an entire generation of revolutionaries
Triggered by the economical, environmental, social, and political burden that they carry
Not of their own creation
But by consequences that were passed on to them by previous generations
On March 24, 2018, in Washington D.C.
The people marched
Fathers and mothers marched
Sisters and brothers marched
They marched for those who have become involuntary martyrs
Not because they had a political agenda but because they were maliciously slaughtered
7 children and teens are killed by gun violence on a daily basis
But statistics don‘t remember faces
They don‘t project the pain and grief that follows
They don‘t break your heart to the point where your soul feels hollow
They don‘t store the fading memories of your child
Like the time when your daughter was a baby
and looked at you the first time she smiled
The people long for the day when America no longer has to compromise
with an inhumane nonprofit responsible for its demise
The children have begun to mobilize
A change is inevitable when time is on your side
These young revolutionaries will reignite liberty‘s torch with their spoken truth
The definition of justice in America will be rewritten by today‘s youth

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