A Place to Feel Home

Nicola Zolin, Italy

In the region of Calabria, in one of the most depressed areas of southern Italy, a model of inclusion and integration towards refugees and asylum seekers has helped revitalizing a beautiful hill town. It had been abandoned by citizens who emigrated, looking for better job opportunities.
Following the most famous example of the nearby Riace, renowned for understanding migration as a chance to save the town from depopulation, the village of Camini has become the new home for many migrants who could start a second life here. Shops and ateliers were created, employing both asylum seekers and local people, in copper and glass laboratories, in farming and animal breeding, construction and education. Migrants could live in the house abandoned by those who left to work in the North, benefiting local people too with jobs and rents. This project has radically changed the face of this small traditional village, which has now the highest percentage of refugees per inhabitants in Italy.

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