Close to the Heart and Soul

Anastasya Bolshakova, Russia

Grandmothers! They are amazing people! They are filled with energy, care, kindness, cheerfulness and warmth. Some really are the very embodiment of comfort: They knit socks, babysit grandchildren. Others forget about the age in the passport and lead an active lifestyle, have fun, come up with different ideas. I have two grandmothers, they are the complete opposite of each other. One is quiet, calm and homely, I really like to talk with her in the evenings on completely different topics. And the other is cheerful and mischievous, every time I wonder what spontaneous idea will come to her mind. Although they are different, I can be myself with each of them and sometimes share what I cannot tell others. Grandmothers are so close to my heart and soul that I experience everything with them: sadness and worry, fun and laughter, loneliness and loss. They will always help, soothe and put a smile on my face.

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