Doctor To The Poor

Andreas Reeg, Germany

Doctor to the Poor. Prof. Gerhard Trabert has been treating poor and homeless people in Mainz, Germany, for over 20 years. Poor people die earlier. The mortality rate of people affected by poverty in our society is significantly higher than the average. 31% of men affected by poverty do not reach the age of 65. Poverty does not „only“ mean fewer opportunities to participate in society, poverty also means dieing earlier in one of the richest countries on earth. Illness makes people poor, and poverty makes people ill. Physician Prof. Dr. Gerhard Trabert wants to break through this vicious circle. He treats his patients with great respect, who, even if they are insured, often do not dare to see a doctor for fear of stigmatization. About 18 000 people in Germany live on the streets, and 90% of them would need permanent medical help, Trabert estimates.

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