Lovey-dovey devilishly disruptive

Bernice Clarissa Neda Sirait, Indonesia

My project takes the point of view of people who wish for world peace, such as me and you, seeing a world of devilish peace. The background symbolizes the world, for which I use real colors instead of monotone to picture how this world is full of variety and is lively. I use an origami dove, a symbol of peace, as the model (hung on a meaningless transparent rope). Seeing the dove at a glance, you might think it’s perfect. But if you look closely, some parts of the dove (e.g. wings) are not folded well. I use origami & imperfect folding to picture how this world easily creates ‘peace’. Meaning, people tend to pretend to befriend others just to avoid being hated by others and to gain benefits. It’s briefly called peace, but if you look closely, this peace may break up shortly as betrayal happens for the sake of their own benefit. The world now only cares about benefit without caring if this can bring happiness. However, the glimpse of a flare stands for those who wish for world peace. But we are fewer in numbers and we know it. That’s why we spread this message throughout the world, one way is through this award program. I also cover my cameral lens with a transparent plastic painted with greyish watercolour paint to suggest the soft but dark and gloomy sight of world peace from our point of view. This ‘soft’ lovey-dovey sight is emphasized more in transition from one photo to another in this series. Clicking on each photo in order number, we can sense how calm the dove moves, showing how calm and ‘soft’ this fake peace keeps happening in this world, making people not realize they are in the middle of a disaster because they only think of ‚benefit‘ (e.g. wealth). However, we know, peace creates happiness that’ll truly reside in our heart. Compared to those big things, without real happiness you’ll be tortured in wealth that you get out of greed. If we get to tell this message, we get to destroy completely the dove, create a true dove and live truly happily.

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