Medusa Reloaded

Kiara Simanko, Germany

MEDUSA RELOADED – From Albrecht Dürer to today’s selfie cult on Instagram
Role models from antiquity to today, a photographic-literary excursion
Who was Medusa Gorgona anyway? Soul eater? Why did she turn the men to stone? Was Mozart’s sister Maria Anna more talented than “little Amadeus”? If Shakespeare had had a sister as gifted as he was, how would she have fared? Would she have had as much chance of success and recognition as her brother? *
There is also the question of gender, the social gender, and sex, the biological one. What does my gender say about me and my wishes? Do I have to adapt to social norms in order to be accepted? And anyway, what is „normal“ here?
How do I see myself? How can I show my „I“? How do I see the others and they see me? What about self-expression? Or with self-presentation? Since when have there been selfies?
In our three-day workshop, these and other questions were asked and discussed with the children and young people. On the first day, various photographers and their work on the topic were presented, such as Cindy Sherman, Jürgen Klauke, Pierre & Gilles, MANON and others. On the second and third day, experiments were carried out in a daylight studio, staged, the children slipped into other roles and photographed.

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