Matjaz Krivic, Slovenia

Resurrection is a story of rebirth and the fight for survival of animal species which were already on the brink of extinction, death, collapse.
In times of global anxiety and paradigmatic shifts, we find it crucial to report about the inspiring stories that not only offer hope, but also a manual to survival.
The first part of the story is about the battle to save the northern white rhino species. With only two females left, the subspecies of the northern white rhino is functionally extinct. Scientists and conservationists have not given up hope on the northern whites. Fighting against time, they are trying to create the first northern white baby rhino »out of the freezer«. Cesare Galli from Avantea Laboratory in Cremona (Italy) has created nine northern white rhino embryos. The first will be implanted into the surrogate mother of the southern white rhino – probably by the end of this year.
I have visited Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, where the last two northern white rhinos live under heavy protection.
I’ve also followed a parallel story of survival in Samburu National Reserve in Kenya, where African elephants, globally again on the list of the endangered species, are thriving with the help of conservationists, rangers, NGOs and local communities. The success story of African elephants in Samburu and Kenya in general, where zero tolerance to poaching and harsh legislation (life in prison for captured poachers) had truly been a game changer, could be used as an awareness raising tool and manual for survival of the endangered species. Especially in the times of climate change, which is hitting Kenya – and the whole East Africa – with enormous force and, in the process, increasing the traditionally existing human-wildlife conflict.
Both cases offer a success – and awareness raising – story. It’s a task for all of us to ensure that the species will survive and again be rising up in numbers and roam freely and peacefully in the vast open plains of the African savannah.

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