Good night, my Grandpa, sweet dreams, my dear Grandpa.

Anusa Nia Rojc, Slovenia

(a true story of unconditional love and human transience through the mind of a six-year-old girl).
Anuska got a camera for her sixth birthday. She was thrilled and she took it everywhere for the first few weeks. At the same time, her demented grandfather was dying in a nursing home. Anuska visited him regularly with her parents, as she was the only person recognized by him. He was always delighted seeing her. There was a strong bond between them. He called her „my Kitty“.
A few months later, after the death of her father (and Anuska’s Grandpa), Anuska’s mother found stunning photos on daughter’s camera. The view of the six-year old daughter through the lens expresses all the pain and all the beauty of the last moments family spent together.
A bag full of goodies, a ride to the institution, wheelchairs in the hallway, emotional reunion and the helplessness of the moment at the same time. She even caught Grandpa’s view on the surroundings from his bed. The last photo even indicates Anuska’s premonition of her Grandpa’s death.
“I will always be his Kitty,” Anuska says.
Should we learn unconditional love and respect for diversity from our children? Maybe our World would be a better place this way …

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