How Can One Abandon Love?

Mursal Mohammadi, India

How Can One Abondon Love is a photographic essay and portrayal of Afghan women and the desertion of their basic rights. In modern Afghanistan, women’s rights have oscillated. The 1964 constitution officially gave women the right to vote and guaranteed them “dignity, compulsory education and freedom to work”. However, from the 1990s onward, these rights have been revoked by a number governments and powerholders, including the Taliban. Following the removal of the Taliban regime after September 11, 2001, women’s rights gradually improved under the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The 2004 constitution made women and men equal in legal terms – it also heavily borrowed from the 1964 constitution. Yet some groups, particularly in rural areas, wanted to revert to pre-1964 gender relations. Today, since the Taliban recaptured power in 2021, once again concerns about the future of women in Afghanistan have resurfaced.

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