Kibera, the power of the ghetto

Benoît Feron & Anne-Françoise Tasnier, Belgium

Welcome to Kibera, literally called the « Jungle » but also the biggest African’ slum.
Life is as strong as drugs which circulate here and living conditions are terrible with almost no access to water and electricity. However, in Kibera, a group of young find the power to face this indescribable situation and have decided to give another flavor to their fate, trough art, music and sport but this is only the starting point… Indeed, the majority of them creates various initiatives to support the youngest of their community convinced that by sharing their passions, their energies, their knowhow, they may offer them a brighter future by keeping them away from drugs. After having spend two stays there, we were touched by this « Power of the ghetto ». Our proposal to Global Peace Photo Award is a tribute to Saviour Juma, Slumdog Boxer, Ajak, Profate Comedy, Otile Black, Faith Atieno, Don Wilson and some others who fight for a better world in their community.

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