Soul Searching

Julie Kenny, Australia

For many 2021 was a year which inspired reflection and change. After 17 years of working in education, I started to question everything – the system and my position in it, my purpose and my life choices. In 2022 I have taken a years leave to search for some much needed inner peace and to assess what brings me happiness.

Growing up in a number of outback Australian towns developed my love of exploring landscapes, strong cups of tea and a good chinwag. Respect for Country and the significance a landscape can hold is thoroughly embedded in my being. One of my favourite pastimes is travelling to distant places, soaking up cultural experiences and exploring new spaces. Always keen for a road trip adventure, I returned to my roots exploring my own backyard, ‘wandering out yonder’ in the diverse landscapes of Western Australia.

Connecting with Boodja (Country) is such an important aspect of my photographs. Often the details of landscapes are not visible when you are driving through flatter regions. My photographic series aims to share the amazing colours, textures and patterns, I viewed during my soul searching exploration.

While drone photography has enabled us to capture landscapes using a new technology it is important to acknowledge that this perspective has been documented by Aboriginal people for thousands of years.

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