Combing Peace

Elrea Song, Korea

We are the granddaughters of all witches you could not burn.

‘Combing Peace’ collects various trash from the sea and composes a story. The trash washed up from the sea is like a heap of dead bodies of capital pushing the limits of extractivism. Dangerous things happening in the world quietly cover our eyes, and are pushed out into the depths of the sea, the ground, or space. People, as well as things and animals, are thrown away like garbage. People are unable to live their lives according to their will and struggle in meaninglessness. They are also carried away by the sea and wash ashore due to various events (natural disasters, persecution, hatred, war, labour), far away from where they lived.

‘Combing Peace’ is combin for peace. It tells stories about the coexistence of nature and the people of this era, about mourning the life and death of people, and about those who have gone through war or walk for peace, all in solidarity. Peace can only continue moving forward if you lend me your feet. Every moment now, I turn away from the cries of anxiety and pain happening all over the world, go to the field, or stand here and draw with the mind of walking peace with yours and my feet connected.

‘Combing Peace’ with children combines ideas through mutual learning and communication about peace. We want to portray various forms of peace in a voice that is easy for everyone to understand, rather than talking too much. In ‘Combing Peace’, the main characters are people and children who are pushed out, were abandoned and struggle with their lives. We walk with you here too, hoping that the stories will set foot in your mind and will give you hope for peace.

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