Life in Color

Sarfo Emmanuel Annor, Ghana

In Life in Color, Sarfo Emmanuel Annor revives the art of portraiture through a gallery of vibrant and intriguing children, inspired by the communicative energy of his surroundings. His photographs reveal various dimensions: moments brimming with life in contact with the children of his family and improbable encounters punctuating his daily life.

By portraying young children from Koforidua, Sarfo suggests the demographic importance of African youth and its power to shape the continent’s future. Through the lens of his smartphone and an optimistic eye, he expresses his vision of the African story.

The photographer proposes a new writing, a different point of view which evokes parts of the African world: human, intimate, social, environmental matters under an assumed angle through the African identity selfie. His works embody a new trend that is no longer in gestation: the multimedia has largely imposed itself on the continent that now counts 700 million owners of cell phones.

Through his explosions of vivid tones, his portraits read like parchments to the rhythm of the daily life of his child heroes: it is up to the viewer to feel the sensitive traces, the tangible signs, laid down by touches. Bold, Sarfo Emmanuel Annor proposes a new writing: young, free. His works are united by the requirement of a photographic vision combining aesthetics of images and beauty of subjects.

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