The Forbidden Love

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan, Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, having been abandoned by family and friends, transgender people are subject to extensive daily abuse. The existing and continuously growing transphobia and homophobia in society are obstacles to an individual‘s enlightenment trajectory. The featured individuals of the LGBTQ+ community share various life narratives. 

As a photo story, “The Forbidden Love” seeks to elevate and celebrate love, portraying their desire to live with and within love. The vividness in their expressions, their enchanting bonding with partners, and their simplistic honesty made these photographs possible, catalysing the compartmentalisation of the existing stereotypes. This project, perhaps, is a leap to explore the infinite and beautiful gradient of the representation of love; it is an attempt at redefining love beyond gender identities and stigmas through the true reflection of their personas. The photographs and interviews in “The Forbidden Love” have been used as photographic tableaux.

The Forbidden Love” is a collaborative photo project with the LGBTQ+ community in Bangladesh. They have been fighting for their fundamental rights of loving with chosen ones and rights to live with equal rights. They are using interviews with the LGBTQ+ community in Bangladesh as source material to recreate their memories into photographic montages.

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