Flight of the soul

Anastasiya Bolshakova, Russia

Anastasiya Bolshakova, Russia

Anastasiya Bolshakova is 14 years old. She was born in Kaluga, Russia, and currently attends a photography school called Smile. She started taking an interest in photography in 2017.  It helps her show her feelings, she says. And it teaches her to pay attention to details. And to take a new look at the world.

Anastasiya Bolshakova’s photographs declare her love of summer. A time when, she is convinced, „everything lives“ and „nature breathes deeply“. A time when everything „is ready for beauty“. When flowers smell wonderfully. A time of idleness and bliss. In this time, especially, she wants to capture thoughts.

Anastasiya photographed such moments of roaming thoughts with a self-timer. Free of any strain. Clearly in a time before, or at least far from, covid. In a peaceful childhood in a peaceful landscape. A little bit dreamy, very light, very airy. Carried by the feeling of being able to fly safely between heaven and earth. (Text by Peter-Matthias Gaede)

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